Hydration Made Easy!

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I’m super bummed today because I’ve been feeling a little under the weather so I decided to skip my workout. Even though I wasn’t feeling well enough to workout today I still made a good effort to eat wells and stay hydrated in the hope that I will feel much better tomorrow. One of my favorite ways to hydrate is this wonderful infused bottle called the citrus zinger.


All you do is:

~flip the bottle upside down
~juice your selected fruit into the bottle
~place fruit in the bottom cup and secure
~ fill up the bottle and grab and go! Super easy!

I take mine to work everyday and refill it throughout the day. The flavor of the fruit lasts thought the day and it truly makes me eating to drink more water! For tonight I will be hanging on the couch with my 2 adorable pups, chugging water and catching up on Once Upon a Time with Greg! See you tomorrow for So What Wednesday!

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