A Day a Carlsbad Beach

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Greg and I recently purchased a Lightspeed Beach Canopy so we decided to hit the beach Saturday to check it out.  We planned on spending several hours enjoying the sunshine and the sand so i had my Shakeology before heading out for the day.  One of my favorites..  TheElvis Shakeology!


Elvis Style Shakeology:

 1 Banana

2 Tsp PB2

1 Scoop Chocolate Shakeology




Combine all ingredients in a blender, pour and enjoy!

We got to the beach around 11am and setup for the day.  Within 5 minutes we were set up and kicking back enjoying the sunshine!  The great thing about Carlsbad beach is that although there were a lot of people there, it didn’t feel super crowded!  We were able to snag a spot close to the water so we could easily walk down and dip our feet in the surf to cool off.  Our friends met us around 1 and we stayed a few more hours before calling it a day and hitting up Beach City Smoothies in Carlsbad Village for Pitaya Bowls!  I had my bowl “Beach City Style” which basically equated to more fruit on the top!  I loved it! It was a great way to get my fruits in for the day and still stay 21 Day Fix compliant :-).  After the beach, our friends came over to hang out and we spend countless hours lounging and laughing the night away.. it was definitely a day for the books.  I fall more in love with San Diego every day!

IMG_4780IMG_0408 IMG_4779


IMG_0405 IMG_0404



Sunday Sentiments

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I saw this link up over on Ramblings of a Suburban mom courtesy of advocareRunner and wanted to link up!

~We had a pretty low key weekend over here.  We cleaned the house and stayed in for the most part catching up on Once Upon a Time

~ I managed to get my grocery shopping done yesterday so I had everything needed to cook a delicious dinner tonight with enough leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Greg and I both loved it! The recipe I used is here: 21 Day Fix Approved Meatloaf

~I’m looking forward to next weekend.. We plan on venturing out to the beach and up to the Mt. Soledad cross to take in the view

~Gracie is finally fully healed from her surgery.. She is 14 yrs old but has been running around like a puppy.,I would say she is feeling much better! Hope you all have a fabulous week!

An Afternoon in La Jolla

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One of the things that i have really embraced lately is getting out and seeing all of the beautiful parts of San Diego.  Every weekend Greg and I try and venture out to a new place to try .. we just love exploring all of the different areas! This past Sunday we went down to La Jolla to visit the cove and stopped by the Mt. Soledad cross on the way back.  After an hr or so of walking along the gorgeous shoreline, Greg and I stopped by Bobboi Gelato for a little afternoon treat.  The gelato did NOT disappoint… it was hands down the best gelato i have had in my life and all of the ingredients are homemade.  The owners are italian and and i believe this is the most authentic gelato available in San Diego.. we will be back!  We took along our DLSR as it has been far too long since we have taken some pictures with it.  We did attempt to get out and take pictures at the Mt. Soledad cross, however when we got out of the car, the key fob stopped working.  We decided to leave rather than take a chance on getting stranded.  Greg promised that we can return this Sunday to take in the sites as Mt. Soledad offers quite an AMAZING view.  If you are ever in the San Diego area, I highly recommend spending a day in La Jolla and allowing extra time for a visit to the Mt. Soledad cross!

Pictures Along the Shoreline:

LaJollaCove LaJolla4 LaJolla3 AbbyLaJolla


Inside the cute little Bobboi gelato shop