Trader Joes Favorites!

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When i moved here I was super excited to finally get to shop at Trader Joes! I had never been and you can bet on the first weekend here I dragged Greg along and went to experience an amazing grocery store! Since then I make a weekly trip to pick up my staples and usually a few fun things make their way into the cart. Here’s some things I’ve been loving lately:



This bag is only $1.99 and last me a full week. Spinach is so versatile and and say way to get my veggies in!

Greek Yogurt


I love this Greek yogurt! I use it every day as a snack. I love mixing it frozen fruit and stevia. When the fruit thaws it makes a sweet syrup. Talk about an amazing treat!

Frozen Very Cherry blend


This is my go too frozen fruit! I’ve been eating a serving daily and have yet to get tired of it!

Liquid Stevia


This stevia tastes amazing! I’ve already had the bottle over a month and a little really goes a long way! Well worth the price!

Peanut Butter


Who can forget all of the nut butters!? I have a couple but this one is my favorite with chocolate shakeology!

I always try out different mints by the checkout as they are a great option for a little treat after lunch at work or an afternoon pick me up. My favorite at the moment are these:


TJS also has amazing chocolate and ice cream novelties for occasional treats! What are your favorite items from Trader Joes? Any must tries?!