My 21 Day Fix Results (so far)

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I have been following the 21 day fix program since the end of June. This program has really been a life saver for me and really helped kicked my healthy lifestyle into high gear! I still follow the nutrition guide pretty exclusively but have been changing up my workouts to keep things interesting. The program is really simple and great for those wishing to get back into healthy eating and fitness habits! There are 2 parts (3rd optional) to the program:

Nutrition Guide & Containers : The nutrition guide provides a calculation for the amount of containers you get per day. Once you calculate your allotment, there is a list of foods for each color of container. Basically, as long as the food is on the list, you can eat it! Easy Peasy, and you get these cute little containers to use.The nutrition guide also has a couple or recipes that are delicious as well and some tips for getting your water in!

Workout DVDs With the fix, you get a set of DVDs. There is a DVD for each day of the week so you have plenty of variety in your workouts! The best thing is they are only 30 minutes long so they are perfect for those with busy lives! You get to get your workout in, feel great about yourself, and move on with your day!

Shakeology:. When I started the fix I wanted other really to full steam ahead and I’m so glad I did! The shakeology is totally optional but included if you purchase the 21 day fix challenge pack. I use the chocolate shakeology and look forward to my check every day for breakfast. The chocolate shakeology counts as one of your proteins on the fix and is great for an on the to meal! I always make different shakeology recipes so I’m not bored. The Shakeology has been my secret weapon for weight loss as it gets me going in the mornings, keeps me full all day, and kicks those pesky cravings to the curb!

My results thus far are below. This is from three rounds of the fix! I have no intention of stopping anytime soon as I love the changes in my mind, body and confidence!

I also run a private Beachbody support group on Facebook to encourage others on their journeys. If you are interested in the 21 day fix or any other beachbody programs please see my link here My Beachbody Team Page

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