An Afternoon in La Jolla

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One of the things that i have really embraced lately is getting out and seeing all of the beautiful parts of San Diego.  Every weekend Greg and I try and venture out to a new place to try .. we just love exploring all of the different areas! This past Sunday we went down to La Jolla to visit the cove and stopped by the Mt. Soledad cross on the way back.  After an hr or so of walking along the gorgeous shoreline, Greg and I stopped by Bobboi Gelato for a little afternoon treat.  The gelato did NOT disappoint… it was hands down the best gelato i have had in my life and all of the ingredients are homemade.  The owners are italian and and i believe this is the most authentic gelato available in San Diego.. we will be back!  We took along our DLSR as it has been far too long since we have taken some pictures with it.  We did attempt to get out and take pictures at the Mt. Soledad cross, however when we got out of the car, the key fob stopped working.  We decided to leave rather than take a chance on getting stranded.  Greg promised that we can return this Sunday to take in the sites as Mt. Soledad offers quite an AMAZING view.  If you are ever in the San Diego area, I highly recommend spending a day in La Jolla and allowing extra time for a visit to the Mt. Soledad cross!

Pictures Along the Shoreline:

LaJollaCove LaJolla4 LaJolla3 AbbyLaJolla


Inside the cute little Bobboi gelato shop



Skinny Sausage Wraps

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This recipe is one of my childhood favorites! Since then I decided to modify some ingredients to make it my own (healthier) version!



1 Pkg Turkey Kielbasa

1/2 Block low skim mozzarella cheese

1 Jar low sugar pasta sauce

1/4-1/2 cup shredded part skim mozzarella cheese

8-10 whole wheat lasagna noodles (depending on how many pieces you cut from the Kielbasa

Toothpicks (1 per roll)


1.) Prepare lasagna noodles according to directions on package

2.) While the lasagna noodles are cooking, Cut the Kielbasa into 8 or 9 pieces and then cut a slit down the middle of each piece without going all the way through the Kielbasa

3.) Cut the Block of cheese into small slithers so that they will fit into the pieces of Kielbasa.  Insert 1 slice of cheese into each noodle and set aside.


4.) When lasagna noodles are done cooking, drain and allow to cool for a few minutes.

5.)  Set up your baking pan by coating the bottom with a small layer of sauce.

5.)  Wrap 1 noodle around each Kielbasa piece, secure with toothpick and place into the dish.  Continue until all Kielbasas are wrapped and placed in the dish.  Top with remainder of Pasta sauce and a handful of shredded cheese.  Cover.


6.)  Bake for 30-35 minutes.  Remove foil and bake for an additional 5-10 minutes to brown slightly on the top.

7.)  Devour!  Although this isn’t entirely fix friendly i fit it in as follows:  1 serving = 1 roll = 1 yellow, 1 red, 1 blue, 1/2 purple

Dark Chocolate Reeses Cup Shakeology

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Dark Peanut Butter Reeses Shakeology

I love dark chocolate peanut butter cups so when i started on this journey I wanted to create a healthier version of my absolute favorite treat I wanted to create a healthier version of my absolute favorite treat!


1 Scoop Chocolate Shakeology

2 Tsp Dark Chocolate Dreams Peanut Butter

1/2 Cup Almond Milk

Ice & Water to desired consistency

Blend it up to make it like a sinful milkshake :-)

Weekend Plans!

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Happy Friday!! Im so glad it is the weekend because things are finally starting to calm down around here to the point that Greg and I can get out and explore our beautiful city a bit more.  Tomorrow we are heading up to El Cajon, CA to go to a friend’s housewarming party, but tonight and Sunday are free game!  Tonight we are heading down to Carlsbad Beach to catch some dinner by the water and maybe a late night stroll on the beach.  I love heading down to Carlsbad Village.. there are soooo many amazing restaurants and cute shops to explore, not to mention the beautiful village walk.



On Sunday, we may head to La Jolla california which is an area I’ve been wanting to visit since moving here.  Ive heard the views are amazing and that you can go and see seals sunbathing along the coast.  We may even get adventurous and take the bikes out for a spin :-)  What are your weekend plans?







Almond Joy Shakeology

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I love coming up with new Shakeology recipes.  It keeps things interesting and makes me feel like I am getting a treat every morning.  One of my go to favorites lately has been the Almond Joy Shakeology.



1 Scoop Chocolate Shakeology

2 Tsp. Almond Butter

8oz. Coconut Milk



Combine all ingredients in a Blender and Blend it up.  Enjoy in your Shakeology shaker cup :-)

I find that breakfast is a fantastic time to have my shakeology.  It is the perfect on the go meal and keeps me full until lunch!  If you try it.. let me know what you think!


So What Wednesday

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It’s So What Wednesday over at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom and I’m linking up! This week I’m saying So What if..

~I cooked enough dinner last night so we could have leftovers for dinner tonight! I love having a night through the week when I don’t have to cook.

~We currently have 2 baskets of clean Laundry needing folded and put away. Our master closet is currently torn apart due to a minor issue so I’m not super motivated to fold laundry

~I insist on being the one to check the mail everyday. 99% of the time it’s just junk mail or bills but I love getting mail!

~I purchase new toys for my dog (JoJo) all the time. It makes me happy to see him get so excited

PekePOM Pomeranian

~I put coffee in my shakeology most mornings.. I work full time.. I need my go juice!

Trader Joes Favorites!

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When i moved here I was super excited to finally get to shop at Trader Joes! I had never been and you can bet on the first weekend here I dragged Greg along and went to experience an amazing grocery store! Since then I make a weekly trip to pick up my staples and usually a few fun things make their way into the cart. Here’s some things I’ve been loving lately:



This bag is only $1.99 and last me a full week. Spinach is so versatile and and say way to get my veggies in!

Greek Yogurt


I love this Greek yogurt! I use it every day as a snack. I love mixing it frozen fruit and stevia. When the fruit thaws it makes a sweet syrup. Talk about an amazing treat!

Frozen Very Cherry blend


This is my go too frozen fruit! I’ve been eating a serving daily and have yet to get tired of it!

Liquid Stevia


This stevia tastes amazing! I’ve already had the bottle over a month and a little really goes a long way! Well worth the price!

Peanut Butter


Who can forget all of the nut butters!? I have a couple but this one is my favorite with chocolate shakeology!

I always try out different mints by the checkout as they are a great option for a little treat after lunch at work or an afternoon pick me up. My favorite at the moment are these:


TJS also has amazing chocolate and ice cream novelties for occasional treats! What are your favorite items from Trader Joes? Any must tries?!

My 21 Day Fix Results (so far)

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I have been following the 21 day fix program since the end of June. This program has really been a life saver for me and really helped kicked my healthy lifestyle into high gear! I still follow the nutrition guide pretty exclusively but have been changing up my workouts to keep things interesting. The program is really simple and great for those wishing to get back into healthy eating and fitness habits! There are 2 parts (3rd optional) to the program:

Nutrition Guide & Containers : The nutrition guide provides a calculation for the amount of containers you get per day. Once you calculate your allotment, there is a list of foods for each color of container. Basically, as long as the food is on the list, you can eat it! Easy Peasy, and you get these cute little containers to use.The nutrition guide also has a couple or recipes that are delicious as well and some tips for getting your water in!

Workout DVDs With the fix, you get a set of DVDs. There is a DVD for each day of the week so you have plenty of variety in your workouts! The best thing is they are only 30 minutes long so they are perfect for those with busy lives! You get to get your workout in, feel great about yourself, and move on with your day!

Shakeology:. When I started the fix I wanted other really to full steam ahead and I’m so glad I did! The shakeology is totally optional but included if you purchase the 21 day fix challenge pack. I use the chocolate shakeology and look forward to my check every day for breakfast. The chocolate shakeology counts as one of your proteins on the fix and is great for an on the to meal! I always make different shakeology recipes so I’m not bored. The Shakeology has been my secret weapon for weight loss as it gets me going in the mornings, keeps me full all day, and kicks those pesky cravings to the curb!

My results thus far are below. This is from three rounds of the fix! I have no intention of stopping anytime soon as I love the changes in my mind, body and confidence!

I also run a private Beachbody support group on Facebook to encourage others on their journeys. If you are interested in the 21 day fix or any other beachbody programs please see my link here My Beachbody Team Page

Front Results:


Side Results:


Sunday Set Up

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I like to plan my food for the week and do my grocery shopping on Sundays. Typically through the week I jot down meal ideas in my notes app on my phone. Once I have five or so meals put down I work on filling in the ingredients and determining what I have on hand and what I need to purchase. Ingredients are then grouped together and broken out by store. I like to go to trader joes for fruits, yogurts, nut butters, and all natural sauces and Vons for the rest. I typically only buy fresh meat for the first 2 days of meals and then pick up meat on my way home through the week to make sure it’s as fresh as possible.

For daily meal planning, I use the notes application on my phone and write down the number of 21 day fix containers I get for the day and the contents of the container broken down by ingredient. I then update my list nightly for the next day to make sure I stay on track.


My typical workout schedule

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Living in California, it has been a lot easier to be motivated to get on a workout schedule!. I am following the 21 day fix eating plan pretty exclusively, however I like to change up my workouts to take advantage of the abundance of activities and classes offered in my neighborhood. I still sprinkle in the fix workouts when I just want to come home after work and get my workout in. Typically my workout week looks like this:

Sunday: Bike ride & 21 Day Fix Yoga
Monday: Body Pump
Tuesday: UJAM fitness
Wednesday: 21 Day Fix lower fix
Thursday: UJAM fitness
Friday: 21 Day Fix cardio fix
Saturday: Zumba with an amazing instructor!

On days that I can’t make it to the gym, I sub 21 day fix workouts as necessary. I really like having variety in my workouts and the muscle definition I am starting to see!